Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome back, Alisha!

When you start to knit/crochet/spin, you not only discover an activity that's full of techniques and textiles to try, you also meet a cast of characters who quickly become part of the joy of the craft.  From Stitch 'n Bitch groups that meet in-person to the larger circle of friends that can be reached across the globe through Ravelry, even though knitting is done individually, it's very much a team sport.

The community of craft includes, of course, those who supply the tools of our trade.  Store owners, woodworkers, and fiber artists are all more than simply 'sellers', they are fellow crafters.  That means that we don't just buy from them, we buy into them, we care about them.  And we miss them when they're gone, if only for a little while.

That's my sappy introduction into the welcoming back of a hand-dyer from New Braunfels whose yarns are available in several yarn stores around Austin and Central Texas, as well as online.  Give it up for Alisha Goes Around!  Yay, applause, raucous cheering and whoops!

Alisha had been on a break for several months due to additions as well as losses to her family.  Even so, she had still been dyeing for stores and designers, as well as attending various shows.  And you can imagine, if that's what a break looks like, 'active Alisha' is going to be pretty busy, especially with her yarn having been featured in various published designs, like my coveted precious, the Twist Pullover.  The re-opening of her Etsy store marks the restart of Alisha, which will still include all the stuff she was doing while she was 'away' as well.  By the way, Panoply Fingering makes up a large part of the store's current stock, which is what the pullover is knit with.  And more yarn is coming.

She's also created a Facebook page, Ravelry group, and has been on Twitter for a while.  Pop in to your social network of choice to say hi, and browse through the store.  I challenge you not to find something screaming to join your stash.

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