Thursday, July 19, 2012

Make it work (please please please)

Tonight is the night.  Well, tonight is a night.  After all, it's just the premiere of the latest season of Project Runway.  And unfortunately, that just doesn't mean what it used to.  It used to mean that I would spend all day in anticipation of more challenges, more quips, more fashion, and more Tim.  In college, it even used to mean going to the one place on campus that had cable TV to watch the episode with all the other PR fans in a sort of empowering communal viewing experience.

Today, it means having Lifetime on in the background as I work from home, with a marathon of the last non-all-star season.  And as I watch, I become more and more trepidatious.  Do I want to spend another season watching contestants design more drama than runway looks, and have the producers showcase more construction skills than the designers in their deft control of the judging panel?

I feel like bemoaning the downslide of the show is like complaining about the latest update to Facebook, it's a little boring because everyone seems to be doing it.  But while people might get used to the news feeds and timelines, I really hope I don't have to get used to the expectation that I will root for a winner who can't construct a pair of pants.

Please, Project Runway, make this season work.


  1. So true. I noticed they just glazed over the whole 'season in LA' thing in the Road to the Runway...