Monday, July 23, 2012

To hair is human, to obsess divine

There are a number of things that needing to wear glasses make difficult.  Swimming, for instance, or any other water-related activity.  Another is getting your hair cut.  Perhaps difficult is a strong word, but when you are blind as a bat without glasses, and the stylist has to take off your glasses in order to cut freely, it's a little more nerve-wrecking to wait and see what kind of cut you will end up with.  While I imagine that those with 20/20 vision can glean clues as to what they might look like at the final blow, I myself can only just based on a vaguely me-looking fuzz in the mirror, and by trying to gauge the relative lightness of my head compared to when I walked in.

This could explain why getting my hair cut is something that requires a little bit of planning.  If I have an appointment with a stylist (like I did on Saturday), I also have an appointment with my computer, to spend several days pouring over images of hairstyles, from online makeover sites to celebrities who look like they might possibly have comparably thick and bushy hair.  Because it doesn't matter how much I like this haircut:

My hair won't do that.  Or maybe it would, if I put in 15 minutes or more of effort every morning.  But that's just not an investment of time I'm willing to make.  That's valuable spinning and knitting time!

No, a rebel pixie cut is not the direction my hair is going at the moment.  So after hemming and hawing, and searching for something 'different' to do, I decided to just continue to grow my hair a little longer.  I have some bangs, or fringe to Ms. Knightley, that are already started to grow out due to lack of trimming.  The rest of my hair also just needed some cleaning.  As the stylist said, my ends were screaming.  They needed to be put out of their misery.

So what I ended up with is something a little more like:

And yes, I know Keira's hair and mine have not become any more alike, but this is something my hair will do pretty much by itself, as long as I can brush all the tangles out.  My hair isn't quite this long yet either.  So far my hair has gotten just long enough to constantly get caught under the straps of my purse as I sling it over my shoulder, which is annoying.  But it can also go up in a ponytail, or even a braid depending on how dextrous I am.

Now that this monumentally important decision is made, I can move onto the next great debate: choosing a nail polish color...

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  1. I have a bit of a girl-crush on Kiera. I always use her for haircut inspiration, too!