Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Froyo files: Skinny Dip

It's becoming an annual trek for my mom and I to head out to Fredericksburg in the summer and pick up peaches and preserves of the season.  This is the second year we've made a point of the pilgrimmage.  And despite my liberal sampling of jams, we also go get frozen yogurt.  Because, well, it's frozen yogurt.

Skinny Dip: 1579 East Main Street  Fredericksburg, TX 78624

When I visited: Saturday, July 14th, around 1 pm

Cost per ounce: 42 cents (I think, it wasn't written on the wall and I forgot to ask, but I calculated based on the weight and total cost)

Number of flavors: 6

Sorbet options: 1

Nutritionals provided: No

Experience: This is a very small little joint, as you can see.  It's not unlike Froyoyo I suppose, when you compare the options and scale of the operation.  But what I like about this place is that there's always a sorbet option, and there's always a sugar-free option as well.  The first time we tried this place, last year, the sorbet option was so tasty that we made sure to come back.  This year, it was a mango, which was again very good.

We were both disappointed that though there was also a Lemon flavor as one of the yogurty options, it wasn't quite lemony enough.  We love lemon and have maybe a higher requirement for it than most.  I found solace in the sorbet, as well as a yummy Coconut, and Raspberry, which was the sugar-free option.  Mom went for a swirling tower of the sorbet and was very happy with it.

There is at least one other froyo place in Fredericksburg, maybe we'll branch out and try it next time we're out there.  But I do like this place, if only because I know that Mom and I are sure to find something we both like in the sorbet option.

Worth a revisit?  Sure.  I wouldn't drive all the way out there just for the froyo, but it's something I look forward to when we are making the trip.

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