Friday, July 27, 2012

Ravletes, are you ready?

Yeah, it's still annoying that the Olympics continues to make more headlines for brand-enforcement and security issues, but I'm determined to stay peppy.  After all, Andy Roddick could win gold!  Haha, what was that I said about not getting my hopes up at Wimbledon?  Anyway, there's tennis to be watched, and even more importantly, things to be knit.  I am counting down the minutes until I'm allowed to cast on and get started with my Ravellenics projects.

Big thanks to one of the gals in my mom's knitting group, she sewed up project bags for everyone, and included me amongst their ranks, even though I don't get to join them weekly.  It's London-themed, and fits my supplies perfectly:
Given how perfectly-themed my bag is, it's only right that my first project in line for the next fortnight or so is an attempt to make a Union Jack Danger Monster.  I'm hoping it will look something like this:
Cute, right?  I'm challenging myself with this one because I haven't really done any color work before, and I've never made a monster.  Hopefully I can keep my tension, and the improvisations that are required in adding the chart into the original pattern don't end in chaos and tears.  Positive thoughts!  If those athletes can walk in the opening ceremonies in some truly eye-searing national uniforms with a straight face, I can knit this monster!

Technically, I could start knitting at 3 pm, when the opening ceremonies are actually happening, but I'm going to hold off until The Knitting Nest's viewing party, when NBC will show the whole ceremony and we will be noshing on a pot luck dinner.  More on the results of my contributions later, because knitters have to carb-load just like Olympic athletes!

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