Sunday, July 15, 2012

Not cool at all

If my dad was prone to unreasonable paranoia, he might think that the entire spectrum of modern convenience was plotting against him.  It seems that everything that can break, has broken.  Most significantly for the past few days while I was staying with him, he had no air conditioning and no internet.

This being Texas, most people's reaction has been, 'No A/C, that's torture!'  But with the rainy week we've been having, it's mostly the humidity that gets trying.  And quite honestly, I'm more comfortable sitting in my room without air conditioning than I am at my desk at work with the massive amounts of cold air being rushed towards me.  It's the middle of summer, and I go to work armed with knitwear and a personal heater.

No, for me, it was the loss of the internet that was truly the trial.  It's funny how quickly something goes from new fad to natural state of being.  It felt so debilitating to not be able to Google a recipe quickly or check YouTube for a plying tutorial.  But I think the worst part wasn't the inability to grab information instantaneously, it was the inability to communicate.  Without the internet, I had no way of posting photos on my Tour de Fleece progress,  or composing a blog post, without my work computer.  It was like being stuck at home on a Friday night when you know all your friends are together at a party.

But somehow I made it through, and Time Warner has once again deemed this house worthy of connecting to the rest of the world.  I won't go into that rant, though.  I'll just say that the moment order was restored, I felt so relieved.  I have rejoined the party, and as always, I've brought snacks!

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