Saturday, July 28, 2012

Colorway of the day: pink

I've signed up for another swap with the Odd Ducks that will be assigning partners soon.  This one is themed around our favorite colors, and I'm going with pink.  Not pastel pink, no.  Hot pink.  Eye-searingly fun pink with just that drop of blue in it to electrify it.

This has me thinking about pink, noticing it all around me, and wanting to point it out to whoever my spoiler is destined to be.  Because pink could mean so many different things, especially depending on your computer monitor.  So I've been finding real world examples everywhere.

First, I woke up with the Olympic tennis coverage, and lo and behold, the stoic dark green that is the traditional background of the courts during the Championships has been replaced with a sort of pinky-purple.  This article has some good pictures, though I'm not sure this is what I mean by my favorite pink.

After watching the Bryan brothers chest bump their way to victory in the men's doubles, Mom and I ventured out to do some shopping.  In preparation of which, I applied my super-duper pink eye shadow from Makeup Forever:
Now this is what I'm talking about!  You're all starting to see how I chose the color scheme for the header and link text, aren't you?

First, we went to Michael's, and I scoped out some yarns that had the colorways (if not the fiber content) that makes me smile.  There was Vanna's Glamour in Jewel, Lion Brand Homespun in Tulips, and Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) in Hot Pink(ish):

Our next stop was DSW, because a $5 off coupon simply cannot go to waste.  And what do you know, I found myself another pair of running shoes that just happen to be another great example of pink:

They're Nike+ shoes, which I like because I have the little '+' thing that tracks my runs and everything.  I have another pair that are more black with fuchsia and highlighter yellow.  I like these because they are almost completely colorific, and I feel like that's important in a running shoe.  You want it to be something that makes you smile, because halfway through, you'll need every excuse you can find.

Can we pause to marvel at something: I am excited because I have a new pair of running shoes.  Seriously.  A few years ago, I wouldn't know myself.  But I would wish I could be that person.  And now I am.  That's just pretty darned cool.  Okay, the moment has been paused, onto more pink!

We also went to Home Depot, and along with other things which are worth their own blog post later, I scanned the paint chips for more examples of pink to give to my spoiler.  Unfortunately, there apparently isn't a lot of demand for fluorescently pink walls, so most of the pinks I found were close, but lacking some of the brightness that I guess they avoid because it might drive someone insane if a room were actually painted that color.

Thankfully, plenty of people want their nails to be this color.  I would say China Glaze Pool Party, Goldie 80's (check out the first picture for the one I mean), and Orly Flirty (another comparison blog, basically all these pinks are awesome!) are three from my own collection that embody the spirit of hot pink.

Alright, I think that's enough pink for one day, I wonder what tomorrow's colorway will be?


  1. Your shoes track your running? Both crazy and awesome!

    1. Yeah, there's this little nugget that fits into a groove in the sole and sends the info to your iPod, iPhone, etc. I only put it in when I'm 'on a run' since you can't turn it off and to replace the battery you have to buy a new one. But it's cool, and there's a whole website to track your speed and distance for each workout, so it's helpful for a more overall picture.

      I also have a pedometer for all of my other steps throughout the day, I'm apparently obsessed with them ; )