Thursday, July 5, 2012

I don't need more yarn/But there's a sale!

Having made a gigantic purchase of this new laptop less than a week ago, I'm a little gun-shy about whipping out the wallet for anything else.  But like other budget-conscious phases, it's being tested by a yarn sale.

Hill Country Weavers is having another First Thursday sale, as they do every month when businesses along South Congress stay open late.  Every month, I also write about it for Examiner.  And every month, I'm tempted to take advantage of the sale with a purchase of my own.

This month, the deal is a fourth off of yarn that contains fiber either from plants or made in a plant.  Any percentage applies, even just the scant 10% of nylon that is in many of my favorite fingering weight sock yarns.  In particular, I'm thinking of the Alisha Goes Around that is used in the Twist Pullover we already know I love.

Sometimes being able to make the connection between a sale and a queued pattern is dangerous.  Curse my deal-seeking synapses!


  1. ME TOO. I GOT SUCKED INTO THE KNITPICKS SALE TODAY.... there are worse vices...

    1. Oh man, that KnitPicks sale, I already gave into that one last month...twice!