Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some self-Examination

I wonder if there's someone over at Examiner who has noticed that I went from an article every weekday to one or two a week.  But they probably don't.  After all, I'm just one in thousands of writers across the country that suddenly decided to break ranks and start blogging.

And I'm finding for myself that forgetting about Examiner is easier than I thought.  I have to make sure that while I'm typing away here for you that I don't let the whole week go by without something for Examiner.  Last week I squeaked in just under the deadline with a sad article about the closing of the Yarn Barn in San Antonio.  Mom and I are planning on going this Sunday to bid adieu a yarn store that we both loved visiting on the Yarn Crawl the past two years.

Thankfully, one place that is not closing anytime soon is BookPeople.  Or at least I hope not, God forbid.  But they have a fully-booked schedule of events this week as per usual.  And as per usual, there's at least one book in there that I end up thinking, 'Hey, I should read that.'  I'll let you try and guess which one it might be...

I'm going to try and publish again in a few days about all of the Austin Ravellenics events.  But just so you know, when I'm drafting articles there, I'm always thinking about blogging.  Because I love you more.

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