Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TdF: The first three days

Although I'm sure I haven't burned nearly as many calories as the cyclists, I have successfully completed three days of my own personal Tour.  Here's what I have to show for it:
Pretty, huh?  This picture is from Sunday, and I added a little more last night, but being a work day slowed me down a little (pesky thing!).  I also didn't want to do too much last night because I'm running out of room on the legs of the spindle, and I didn't have any yarn with me to create a new leader.  But tonight I'm going to celebrate the weird mini-weekend that July 4th is inserting into the middle of this week by taking this off my spindle and starting up my second single ever.

And then the fun really starts, because I'll ply those two together to create a 2-ply yarn.  Which I'll then have to wind into a hank to set the twist.  Oooh, don't you just love my mastery of the technical terminology?  Try not to be over-awed.

So far, I'm loving being a spinner.  The possibilities are opening up, and I'm constantly finding fibers, techniques, and tools that I want to try.  And counting down the minutes until I can leave my desk and pick up my spindle to officially start Day Four...

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