Friday, June 22, 2012

Seeking a friend for the end of the world: must be crafty

You know you're a knitter or crocheter when you're sitting in a darkened theater, watching a trailer for the first time, and you get distracted by an FO (finished object).  That's what happened to me when I saw 'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World', which is out today.  As soon as I saw this:
Photo credit: Focus Features
I'm pretty sure I perked up perceptibly when I caught sight of what is pretty obviously a crocheted...something.  For the rest of the trailer, I didn't care so much about how funny the film seemed to be, or who else might be in it.  The star of this show is the crochet.

Thankfully, it made a few more appearances:
Photo credit: Focus Features

Photo credit: Focus Features

Looks like it's an afghan/blanket that's been sort of Frankenstein-ed together from various crocheted pieces, including a granny circle.  So far I've only gotten as far as to crochet a bind off on one of my knitted shawls, but this makes me want to try crochet even more.  It's just such a quirky, unstructured-looking piece.

Anyone know how it's done, or where it's from?


  1. Just saw that film last night and was rivetted by that shawl too! Quite beautiful... Havent a clue as I'm a knitter but I want it and could be coaxed to learn crochet for a project like that!! I'm sure more will be revealed and soon. Spirit 347

    1. Hi there, thanks for being my first comment! I've written up a new post to update, because I found it - now I'm going to seek it out in person to get a closer look, then maybe I can go see the movie with this on my hook.

  2. I think it is from Anthropoligie and is their Quirky Heirloom Throw