Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All's fair in craft and war

I first started watching TLC when 'Trading Spaces' was having its moment in the sun.  Since then, the channel has wavered become more well-known for shows like 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' and 'Toddlers & Tiaras'.  So other than indulging in their Friday night line-up of bridal shows, the channel has dropped off of my regular surf list.

But while I was marveling at gorgeous Monique Lhuillier gowns, I caught some commercials for an upcoming show that piqued my interest.  Tonight at 9 pm (Central), they're premiering a new show, 'Craft Wars':
This reminds me a lot of 'Cupcake Wars' on Food Network, with the judges table right there watching the teams rush through a series of challenges.  And as much as I love cupcakes, I've always been a little disappointed in that show for not having more of the cupcakes and their flavors.  I'm not as interested in  the bakers' ability to tell a carpenter to make a big table or direct hapless interns to mass-produce the single-serving cakes.  I'd rather see them come up with a way to work smoked salmon into a cupcake.  Like 'Chopped', but cupcakes.

That being said, I'm going to give this a try.  I always have a hard time throwing random things away because I'm sure I can craft them into something useful.  And I like to play the mental game of 'what would I do' with the challenges.

For instance, I like the idea of lemon cake with a smoked salmon cream cheese frosting.  But don't worry, I won't be posting a recipe for that anytime soon.

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