Thursday, June 28, 2012

Added to the queue: Twist Pullover in knit.wear

Lately I seem to be drawn in by magazines in particular as a source of knitting patterns.  Anytime there's a newsstand I'm flipping through whatever is available in knitting.  And the past month or so, I've been picking up periodicals and taking them to the register more than I've been setting them back down again.

The latest addition to my library has been the Spring 2012 edition of knit.wear:
Photo credit: Interweave Press
While there are several very pretty patterns, my absolute favorite is the one on the cover there, the Twist Pullover, designed by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  At first glance it looks like a cardigan/shrug with an oversized front that just hangs loose.  But take a look inside the magazine to see the real beauty of it:
Photo credit: Joe Hancock/Interweave Press
See that? The front twists around over your head!  I love this.  It's simple but special.  The twist gives it texture and instant interest without involving complicated stitch work.  Plus, it would keep me warm in my overly-A/C-ed cubicle.  I also love that the suggested yarn for this pattern is from an Austin fiber artist, Alisha Goes Around.  She has some gorgeous stuff that is showing up in yarn stores all over Austin and beyond.  I'm not sure what I'll use, but I know that eventually I'm going to get around to knitting this.  And the queue just gets longer...

For those in Austin, Gauge and Hill Country Weavers have this in stores now.  Other yarn stores, and some bookstores with a good craft magazine selection, should also have it.  Or you can always order it online.

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