Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Done...sort of

The trainer who runs the group exercise classes I go to on Wednesdays has a tendency to lie.  She'll shout out things like, 'Two more and we're done,' pausing just long enough to give everyone a false sense of relief before adding, 'with this set.'  It's cruel, but it's also good to have that sense of breaking up an hour of sweating into separate sets of exercises.  Somehow, it makes it easier.  From the gym to my Ravelry library (still being loved), this week has been all about being done...but only with part of a project.

First, my cardigan.  I'm done...with the back.

So far, this has gone well.  I had one moment when I didn't decrease the right amount, but I realized it in time to have my mom fix it for me.  She's mastered that voodoo or creating and disappearing stitches as needed in a way I haven't quite yet.  Other than that, it's just been a matter of getting through the rows.  With the back done I'm onto the left front, doing more of this oh-so-fun ribbing.  It's not that it's difficult, just repetitive, and the addition of alternative knitting and purling through the back loop on each row is just different enough to slow me down.

And then, I finished spinning...another cop.
That makes two.  I still have plenty of fiber left, though, so I'll probably spin that all up before I start plying, just in case I change my mind about how I want to do that.  Right now I'm still set on plying each end of the center pull balls together.

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  1. Love the spinning! Great job on the sweater.

  2. Your sweater is looking great and hope your not slowed to much. Love the yarn you've spun the colour is just gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful color yarn that you are spinning. I am always amazed at the beautiful yarn you spinners create.

  4. gorgeous spinning! great job finishing the back--for me, that's the hardest part (most boring, long slog)!

  5. Your yarn looks so nice and even!

  6. Thanks everyone! Mom is being very patient waiting for me to finish spinning this yarn, I'm doing my best to make it worth it!