Saturday, February 2, 2013

Inspiration Saturday: Patterns from Hill Country Weavers

Yarn stores have yarn, obviously.  But they have so much more.  They are meccas of crafting camaraderie, and in the case of Hill Country Weavers, they are the source of some awesome patterns.

The store has collected the work of local designers in a few pattern books over the years.  The newest one is Prairie Bliss, volume 1, and it's available at the store in the now-old-fashioned book format, or you can download it as a PDF.  You can also find all of the patterns they've published on Ravelry.  These are a few of my favorites:

Photo credit: Hill Country Weavers
I always like the look of these poncho-type things, but worry about arm mobility.  Not that I often find myself needing to raise my arms above my head, but somehow not being able to makes me think I would start to feel claustrophobic or something.  I love this one, though, and I think it's the perfect length for wearing in the office.  My elbows would still be free to type on the keyboard, while keeping me warm amid the excessive air conditioning.

Photo credit: Kathy Bateman
Aside from being super-cute, this is an interesting pattern because it's knit starting from the end of one of the ties up, over, and down to the end of the other tie.  Simple and sweet.

Photo credit: Hill Country Weavers
Again, something sweet.  This has a really nice shaping at the waist, and lace edging to make it special. I think wearing this would make me feel like a modern-day Jane Austen heroine, contemplating my romantic future over a cup of tea...and a cupcake.

So those are three knit patterns, but they have more, as well as crochet and weaving patterns, depending on the craft that inspires you.  And don't forget to check out Woolen Diversions for her Inspiration Saturday post, this week's is making me hungry!


  1. I love these patterns and hadn't seen them before, thanks for sharing! :) That poncho thing might need to happen for me.

    1. The sample in the photo is in the store, and I'm always petting it, it's lovely!