Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday: You have been weighed, you have been measured

This morning I did a health screening at work, where they took some basic vitals in exchange for a reduction in my health insurance costs.  It reminded me of that line in 'A Knight's Tale':
Hopefully I have not been found wanting.  Unless I have been found wanting cupcakes, in which case I must always plead guilty.  I would say that my progress this week has not been wanting.  Aside from the super-secret knitted item I've already hinted at, which is about 60% done now, I've gathered a few more things for my box themed around 'Gilmore Girls'.  I've also set myself up a non-knit handmade which involves transforming a book into something new.  I'll post a tutorial if all goes well.

Speaking of non-knit craft projects, I have just begun a long-term notebook swap with a few people on Ravelry.  We each have sent a notebook to the person below us on the list, and we're all going to add our own work, whether in words, images, anything, really, to each others' books as they get sent down the line.  Eventually I'll receive my original notebook back, full of wonderfulness.

I couldn't stop myself from starting with my own notebook and illustrating a few lines from the 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' song 'Pure Imagination'.  Here's a sample:
On the left, a little mixed-media, as I drew my Turkish drop spindle spinning the clouds (made out of bits of a cotton ball) into a world of yarn.  The right is a sort of improvised prose version of the debate in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' about coconuts and swallows, with emphasis on the words that are part of the song as a not-so-hidden message.  Wow, that's the third movie reference in this post, I guess I'm feeling cinematic.
Just a fun burst of color here.  I'm not overwhelmed with an abundance of drawing talent, but I can draw lots of pink stripes and hearts.  I whipped out my middle school gel pens for this, anyone else remember these?
A peek-a-boo lyric here, hiding behind one of several doors which can be found in Prague.  I tried to insert a few personal details within the pages, breadcrumbs that others might not notice.
Further examples of that: on the left, I've used an old photo I had from the beaches of Scala, Cephalonia.  Because that's what came to mind when I thought of paradise.  On the bottom is an attempt to continue the pine trees at the bottom of the picture using markers and colored pencils, because all of my pictures were horizontally-arranged and not ideal for the notebook's frame.  And then on the right, another idyllic locale.  These were cut from the last alumni magazine I got from Sarah Lawrence College, where sitting around a table discussing and changing the world is the main pastime.

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  1. Your book looks interesting and I like the pictures of the doors in Prague.
    I am sure it will be appreciated. Looking forward to seeing some of your knitted work.

  2. I love that line 'You have been weighed, you have been measure and you have been found wanting!'. I often think it might apply to me :)