Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday: A little bit at a time

Writing these WIP posts every Wednesday is a blessing and a curse.  It allows me to look back and see what I've accomplished so far this year, but it also makes me feel a bit unproductive for these particular seven days which have passed since my last installment.

I've made it through one of the sections of my secret Gilmore Girls swap item, that puts me one-third of the way through the second half.  Fun with fractions, everyone!  What's my percentage?  Around 83%, which sounds better than I thought.  I was able to get a few rows in this week when I drove into work with my dad.  Commute time is always so much more bearable when you aren't actually driving it.  If I lived somewhere with decent public transportation, I'm sure I would have a few more FOs in my projects page.

After a slight scare with delivery confirmation, the notebook I shared last week made it to its next destination.  I have my fingers crossed that it will make its way safely home several months from now.  For my part, I've been working on transforming the first notebook I received.  Here's a little pencil-sketched teaser:
I have a little bit of a theme for my entry, 'Plot Bunnies in Wonderland'.  That's because this notebook belongs to a fellow NaNoWriMo participant, and her 2012 novel was a re-imagining of 'Alice in Wonderland'.  So I'm doodling as many bunnies as possible, adding in some details from her writing inspiration, and then including a few of my own quirks.  So far, it's been really fun and a creative jump starter.

Whenever I have a free moment, I'm either surfing Ravelry, doodling in my notebook, drafting a blog post, or picking up my DPNs.  Slowly but surely, I'm turning these WIPs into FOs.  And then I'll start all over again.

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