Saturday, February 9, 2013

Inspiration Saturday: Mittens!

Even though I'm hoping to focus more on knitting for myself this year, I think there's a great feeling that comes only from knitting for others.  On the one hand, knitting either for swap packages or as holiday gifts gives me a lot of satisfaction.  Taking the time to consider what the giftee would like most, taking into account their favorite colors, personal style, and anything else that might inspire a particular project.

On the other hand, there's knitting for charity.  You're still knitting for someone else, but often that someone else is a little more general.  You don't have the puzzle of personalization, and you often don't get the satisfaction of the reveal and getting to see your work worn or used.  But that's more than made up for by knowing that you're fulfilling a real need.

If you're in the Austin area and you want that warm, fuzzy feeling, The Knitting Nest is currently collecting mittens for Saint Louise House.  They're trying to reach their goal for donations by Valentine's Day, so now would probably be a good time to cast on.

These aren't really weekend projects, but here are just a few fun patterns I like that happen to be mittens.  Maybe you could start your Christmas knitting early.

Photo credit: SpillyJane
I have yet to truly develop a skill for color work, but cupcakes are a huge temptation.  These are so cute, I can almost forget how the inside of them must be full of millions of little loops and ends.

Photo credit: Devon Clement
Okay, so these are fingerless mitts, but I tend to get more use out of those than full-on mittens, and these are just too perfectly suited to the upcoming holiday not to include them.

Photo credit: Morehouse Knits
Yet again, I cannot resist the cute factor here.  I can't help but think how great they would be in cotton for dishes.  Then again, I can't help thinking they are too cute to be used for anything practical.

Photo credit: Moira Engel
Speaking of practical, these have a little pocket, great for your subway pass, a few bucks, or chapstick.  I love pockets!  Everybody loves pockets, they're even putting them in wedding dresses now.

Check out Alicia's inspiration this week, and forgive me for any formatting errors in this post, it's my first time 'scheduling' a release.

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  1. How cute are those hedgehog mitts! I haven't mastered colorwork yet either but if/when I do, I'd like to knit some SpillyJane mitts.