Monday, February 4, 2013

Froyo files: Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day!...?

Can someone explain to me why National Frozen Yogurt Day is smack dab in the middle of winter?  Is it a cunning ploy to try and bring in customers in a season when most people abandon the creamy treat?    If so, I think it's a rather cruel trick.  For Australia, perhaps, this would make an appropriate day to celebrate, but for most Americans, this is the time of year for oatmeal, not frozen yogurt.

I, however, live in Texas.  And for all of its faults, Texas has a mild winter with patches of downright warmth.  And we were blessed to have enjoyed a warm front this weekend that made going to Berry Austin Central a perfectly sane activity.  I feel genuine empathy for those in more sincerely winter climes who might very well long to swirl, but whose lips might freeze to the spoon if they tried.  It really isn't fair.  I should feel guilty, languishing in the mid-70s sunshine.

But mostly I'm just grateful that I was able to enjoy a heaping bowl of Pomegranate Raspberry sorbet, Wildberry Tart, and Dulce de Leche topped with fresh fruit without fear that my fingers would turn blue.  In respect to my northern counterparts, I will not taunt you with photos, though I must admit it was delicious.

Also delicious will be my bowl of oatmeal later tonight.  What can I say?  I enjoy all of my desserts no matter what the ambient temperature.

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  1. I like frozen yogurt in the winter... and the rest of the year, too. But then, I'm in Texas, like you, so winter doesn't really exist.