Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Loving my library and quelling my queue

I think everyone uses their favorites and their queue differently in Ravelry.  For me, the favorites are a mass of patterns that constantly grows.  I see something pretty, and I add it, just for safekeeping.  But my queue I save for projects that have not just the pattern picked out, but also the yarn.  Unfortunately, that's getting a little long as well.  Nothing compared to my list of favorites, but I've got an unlucky thirteen in there right now.  And that doesn't even count the one I've already started!

So one of the things I did in one of my bursts of organization over the holiday break from work was to put any yarn for a queued project into a single plastic tub (one of those that slides under a bed).  So that the next time I need to grab a project, I'll go straight to that tub and not get sidetracked by anything else shiny in my stash.  Because that will only lead to me browsing for patterns for that skein, adding more to my favorites, and it's just a vicious cycle.

I read about the Love Your Library challenge set by Emily at snapdragon crafts, and I think that's a good reinforcement for my efforts to avoid temptation.  She's aiming to complete a project from her library every month, and I don't think I'll be able to do that, but I am going to try and limit what I do cast on to projects that are in my queue.  The only exception will be for swap crafting, since it's kind of hard to queue patterns for someone I don't even know I'm spoiling yet.

Tomorrow I'll have an update on the first project that has gone from queue to WIP to hibernation to queue and back to WIP again over the course of several years.  But here are the other thirteen for 2013:

Photo credit: Interweave Knits

Photo credit: Mary Lou Egan

Photo credit: Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer

Photo credit: theyarniad

Photo credit: Natalie Servant

Photo credit: Dean Crane

Photo credit: Christy Verity

Photo credit: Allison Bitter

Photo credit: Amy Singer

Photo credit: Karen Strauss

Photo credit: Jane Austen Knits, Christa Tippman

Photo credit: Veera Valimaki

Photo credit: Interweave Knits 2011
Let's see how many of these I can get through!


  1. What a lot of fun patterns you have chosen! I realized the other day that I have 1,000 patterns in my rav library... I will never get to them. *Accepted* I use my queue as an unrealistic goal list- I WILL MAKE THIS SOMEDAY. My favorites are for things I love the look of but will probably never make/buy/fit into/etc. or if somebody's project had helpful notes or was especially inspiring.

    1. Yeah, favorites for me are 'Oh, shiny!' and click! Every day designers are adding new patterns I love, so I'm going to have to knit faster I think... ; )