Monday, January 14, 2013

Random round-up: blood and blackberries

There are so many things that happen each week that make me think, 'I should totally blog about that!'  But before I can do that I have to get back to work, or make dinner, or something.  And I never quite have time to take the idea from that awkward space between too long for Twitter and not long enough for its own post.  So here are a few things that popped into my head this week:
  • There was a blood drive at work last Wednesday.  I try to catch every one of these, because I feel like this is a really easy way to do a good deed, and I like having the sporadic check on my cholesterol and other basics.  This time around, I successfully donated without fainting.  Not only that, but the lab tech who took my blood was a crocheter, even better!
  • Isn't it strange how certain items are more expensive in some stores than others, and vice versa?  HEB has the best value for most groceries here in Austin, but for some reason spaghetti squash is about 40 cents cheaper a pound at Sprouts.  And since Mom and I worship at the spaghetti squash altar practically every weekend, this was a great discovery.
  • Also in the produce section, we got a lot of blackberries last week.  So I integrated them into my portfolio of desserts, along with some whipped cream: cran-blackberry oatmeal, blackberry waffles, blackberry cheesecake pudding ice cream, blackberry pancakes, and angel food cake dessert cups topped with blackberries.  See?
  • This week, blueberries we on sale, so the same routine will probably be repeated with those.  Last night I had oatmeal, tonight...pancakes?
  • The Raspberry frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti is delicious.  Especially when swirled with Strawberry, and Taro.
  • The Australian Open has started!  The return of tennis is a relief, but I'm still finding myself reflexively looking for where Andy Roddick is in the draw, before I realize he's not there.  And neither are a lot of other players, but those are because of injury.  Will Rafael Nadal ever come back?  I hope so.

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