Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Cats, cardigans, cops, and cuffs

It's Wednesday again!  That means a couple of things.  It's the day of our weekly coffee meet-up at work, which is why it's also the day that I generally bring in my baked goods.  In an unrelated note, it's also the day I go to the gym.  And now, it's also the day I post about my works in progress, all coming (so far) from my lovely library.  Shall we?

I'm going to need to find some more cats around here somewhere, because I have already run out of my own to take progress pictures with for this cardigan.

As Spice is so helpfully demonstrating, the back of my Lexeme has grown, I'm now casting off stitches for the armholes.  So far so good, but I think the real trouble spots for me are going to be on the back end of this thing, picking up stitches for the ruffle and sewing all of the pieces together.

I also made progress on my handspun.  This is all I have so far, two single cops.

I'll likely get two more out of the roving I have, then I'll start plying.  The nice thing with the Turkish spindle is that you end up with a center pull ball, and plying from both ends means that you can guarantee that both plies are the same length,  But maneuvering that ball is no easy feat.  I'm thinking of wrapping the ends around a tennis ball to create a plying ball, just to make it easier on myself.  But we're still a ways away from that dilemma.  About two ounces of fiber away, to be precise.

While Mom waits for me to finish spinning this yarn for her, she's busy knitting up the most gorgeous fingerless mitts.  She saw a sample knit of the Bobbleberry Mitts when we were at Kid 'N Ewe last November and simply had to knit them herself.
One down, one to go!  These are really yummy.  And she's doing them in Malabrigo, so they are warm and soft.  They are so nice, I had to share them, even though they aren't technically my own WIP.

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  1. Wow. Wednesdays are a busy day for you! I wish I could make Wednesday (or any other day) the day I go to the gym... All these projects are looking good. Those mitts are especially fancy.