Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Bake, knit, repeat

So what do 'normal' people do with their time?  I mean, are they really just watching the football game?  I guess they are also probably surfing the web.  Me, I'm shredding cheese for savory cookies, glazing cupcakes, and walking back and forth across the living room as I shape the armholes of my cardigan.  And hopefully never mixing up any of those verbs and nouns, otherwise disaster might ensue.  Also, I'm following up the football game with tennis from the Australian Open.  So I think I'm just an anomaly of the sports fan demographic.

So since I've run out of cats, here is my WIP along with the other, tastier, markers of progress from the weekend:
I'm currently working on the arm holes.  It's hard to show the shaping right now, but you can see it's longer at least.  Just a few inches away from starting on the shoulders, and I'm almost through the first skein of yarn.  There's something about a garment as opposed to an accessory that feels like 'real' knitting, so even though it's just knitting all the way, no fancy stitches, it's still pretty gratifying.  I'll have to remember this feeling when I'm doing all the finishing.

While I work on my cardigan, I still find my mind wandering to the other projects that I plan on starting later, trying to decide whether I'll cast on Color Affection or something smaller and less knitknitknit.  Similarly, I'm already narrowing my list of possible baked goods to make this weekend.  Ideas for what to bake next tend to occur to me as I'm mixing the ingredients for the current recipe.  Maybe it's just a part of my multitasking tendencies that I can't just be doing what I'm doing, I have to also be thinking about what I'm doing next.  But again, as long as I don't mix up my verbs and nouns, I'll be okay.

On a related note, I veered away from my library loving to do my first test knit, but I'll save that for Friday, since I was able to finish it in record time.

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  1. Mmmm. Cheese cookies. Two of my favorite words. Now I'm hungry!

    You sound pretty normal to me. I don't understand people who can just sit and watch a game all day without doing *something* else at the same time.

  2. I don' t know how to NOT multitask. The blue is so pretty,