Friday, September 7, 2012

My 'short' list for Sarah Lawrence fall registration

Tonight, nervous first years and seasoned seniors alike will wait, likely until the wee hours, to learn the fate of their attempt at the first round of registration for classes this semester.  If they are lucky, the computer filled their three course slots with their first choices and tomorrow they can enjoy their Bates brunch without a care.  If not, the rest of the night will be like their first college cram session as they search the courses with openings for something that might possibly replace in their hearts the class they didn't get into.  I wish I was there with them, my emotions flitting between hope, fear, nervousness, excitement, and a craving for brunch lingering beneath it all.  Instead, I can only read the course catalogue with jealousy and nostalgia.

Oh, and I can blog about it!  I tried to come up with a short list of the courses I would have thought about taking this semester/year, but I ran into the same problem I always did upon first scanning my options:
  • Kinship: An Anthropological Story
  • The Power of Words: Language, Hegemony, and Social Inequality
  • Migration and Experience
  • The Anthropology of Life Itself
  • Holding Up Half the Sky: Chinese Women in History
  • Digital Zeitgeist
  • Hunger and Excess: Histories, Politics, and Cultures of Food
  • Activists and Intellectuals: A Cultural and Political History of Women in the United States, 1775-1975
  • Revolutionary Women
  • Fops, Coquettes, and the Masquerade: Fashioning Gender and Courtship from Shakespeare to Austen
  • 20th-Century British Literature
  • An Introduction to Shakespeare
  • Studies in the 19th-Century Novel
  • Campaigns and Elections: 2012 Edition
  • Theories of the Creative Process
  • Drawing: Translating an Invisible World
  • Digital Documentary Storytelling: Development and Production
  • Character Development Drawing for Animation, Film, and Interactive Media
  • Beginning Painting: Form and Image
  • Black-and-White Photography
  • Is Journalism What We Think It Is?
  • Words and Pictures
  • Memory and Fiction
  • Place in Fiction
  • Writing, Radio, and Aurality
  • Nonfiction Laboratory
That's 26 courses.  That's more than I took in four years total!  Of course, if I was really planning out my registration, these would then get cross-referenced with the schedule for each class to try and narrow things down.  But I won't go quite that far for the sake of this intellectual indulgence.  I'll just wallow a little in my daydream of winning the lottery and making a huge donation to the school in exchange for setting myself up in my Titsworth dorm room and spending the rest of my days writing conference papers, reading books, and arguing about hegemony and the diaspora.

And eating brunch.

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