Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeling (pot) lucky? Well...are you?

Last week I purchased my passport for the Hill Country Yarn Crawl, yay!  I am so ready for two days jam-packed with local yarn stores.  Especially having recently added spinning to my crafting prowess, I know there will be plenty of roving as well as yarn for me to fondle and agonize over which to bring home with me.

Along with fiber, there will also be foodie goodness to enjoy, because The Knitting Nest is thinking about hosting another Saturday Night Pot Luck Dinner.  Because there's nothing better after a day full of difficult decision making and stash building than sitting down amongst fellow fiber enthusiasts and sharing a casual meal.  Perhaps comparing purchases, or just getting in a few stitches on works in progress to pave the way for those new skeins to get onto the needles even sooner.  Sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening.

If you're going to be on the Crawl and The Knitting Nest is a convenient dinner location for you, hop on over to the thread I started on their forum and join the discussion about what dishes to bring and as we get closer I'm sure Stacy (the store owner) will chime in with times, etc.  I'm trying to decide between simmering something in the slow cooker throughout the day at home while I'm galavanting, or if this is an event that calls for baked goods made a day or so in advance.  Or I could go mad with pot luck power and do both...

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