Monday, September 24, 2012

Froyo files: Tomunchi

I've been as far south as San Antonio for froyo, and the other week I was up near Georgetown when I made a familiar request to make a detour for frozen yogurt on the way back down to Austin.  There were a few options, but this was the most on the way, an important factor when the only real reason to stop is for my own obsession with froyo.  And hey, we had just had dinner, so it only made sense to have dessert, right?

Tomunchi: 1701 West Parmer Lane  Austin, TX 78727

When I visited: Saturday, September 15th, around 8 pm

Cost per ounce: 36 cents

Number of flavors: 10

Sorbet options: 2, but not labeled as such

Nutritionals provided: Not that I found

Experience: Before I ever set foot inside, I liked this place.  That's because, unlike many others, Tomunchi has their daily selection of yogurts posted on their website.  I spend so much time searching for current flavors at other places.  Before leaving the house for a shopping trip that may include froyo, I like to be able to see what's on offer and decide what I want.  Some places have the info on Twitter or Facebook with varying levels of consistency, while others just provide a complete list of possible flavors and leave you to take your chances.  So I liked knowing what I had to look forward to.

Apparently this local business has been around a while, long before self-serve frozen yogurt was a 'thing'.  But the set-up is the same: wall of flavors, bar of toppings, and they also do smoothies, bubble tea, and other fruity dessert dishes that look really tasty.  It took a few minutes to get some sample cups because the man at the counter was serving someone else one of those delicious bowls of fruit.  And we had to wait for one of the 'windows' to have it's yogurt put into place, but these are the kinds of things I've come to expect at any place, just a minor inconvenience.

I knew Dad would gravitate to the Coffee, which had a good flavor, not too creamy.  I've had some froyo where the coffee flavor was almost completely lost in the dairy.  In my opinion, Berry Austin has the best in the city with Capital Coffee, but this was certainly good. He also showed minor interest in Strawberry and Chocolate.  He likes the classics.
I meanwhile, indulge in the 'weird' flavors, like my beloved Taro, along with some Tart and Strawberry.  None of the flavors were the best I've had in my tastings, but they were all good, and just having Taro always puts a star next to any froyo place for me.  And the fact that there's bubble tea also makes me happy, because I love bubble tea, despite the fact that I rarely indulge in it due to being about as calorific as a Frappuchino.  I prefer taking the time to eat a bowl full of yogurt and fruit (as you can see) to sucking all my calories through a straw.  But man, those bubbles are so much fun.

Worth a revisit? Next time I'm up around there I might stop in, particularly since my employer happens to have some offices fairly close by.  The price is the probably the best in town, and the yogurt was good enough.

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