Sunday, September 9, 2012

Froyo files: Berry Austin 2go Downtown

My lone request for the three-day weekend was that I wanted to get some frozen yogurt.  Preferably somewhere I hadn't been to yet.  Thankfully there are still a few options in this category that made my request relatively simple to fulfill.  Eventually this might get a little tougher.  Then I'll just have to find something else to review here.  Like Austin cupcakeries!

Berry Austin 2go Downtown: 200 Congress Ave, Austin 78701

When I visited: Monday, September 3rd, before 3 pm

Cost per ounce: 44 cents

Number of flavors: 8, though one was out of order

Sorbet options: 1

Nutritionals provided: Yes, on the flavor cards, by fluid ounce

Experience: Strolling through downtown after catching an independent film at a local, independent movie theater, it felt so quintessentially urban and Austin, I was loving it.  This was just a few blocks away, perfect location from Violet Crown and a few other prime downtown destinations.

I've been to the other location further North, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the same funky decor was featured here, with white plates and other things stuck onto the walls.  It's fun but still clean.  The space feels a little narrow as you navigate down the wall of yogurt, but it is downtown.  And they have a little patio out front that let us take advantage of a sunny Labor Day.

I got my sample cups to make sure I choose all the best flavors and combinations.  Surprisingly, Dad didn't need to sample, he went straight for the Chocolate.  He wished there was Coffee, but he got some Pineapple instead.  I'm not going to try and understand his froyo style, to each their own.  I also got some Pineapple, as well as a Mango sorbet and some Coconut.  The Mango really was delicious, the standout.  I sort of wish the Pineapple had been a sorbet, but it was also good.

Another thing I like here is that they have kid-sized cups, which aren't as ginormous as the ones you find in other places, so it's easier to judge just how much yogurt I want without leaving my cup only half full.

Worth a revisit? You probably don't want to deal with downtown parking and chaos all for the sake of froyo, but once you're in that area, I would definitely stop in.

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