Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello, yellow!

I continue to feel like I am failing to walk the walk when it comes to being a crafty blogger.  Or maybe I'm not knitting the knits.  Except I promise that I am, and here is the proof!  My spoilee received her package over the weekend, filled with things in her favorite color, yellow.

First, I made a pair of mitts using a pattern that I've used at least three times before, Susie's Reading Mitts.  I liked the idea of making the decorative border at the wrist and fingers in brown to make them like sunflowers.
Sunflower Mitts
Nice effect I think, particularly with the picot edging as the 'petals'.

And I really couldn't send a yellow from the Lone Star State and not reference  the Yellow Rose of Texas, right?  The best flower pattern I could find for my purposes came from a super-cute tea kettle cosy with a bouquet of them on top, the Rosebuds Tea Cosy.  I whipped up a single bud along with the leaves, and then made a quick i-cord to attach to a key ring.
Yellow Rose of Texas Keychain
Instant floral keychain!

Aside from the knits, I also crafted in other ways.  My spoilee has been hexipuffing.  I swear, non-knitting readers, this is not a drug reference, it means she's making little hexagonal pillows which all gather together to form the most gorgeous quilt of scrap fingering yarn ever.  So my spoiler needed mini-skeins, hand-dyed, but of course.
Kool-Aid Mini-Skeins
I used Kool-Aid, with various mixes of lemonade, orange, pineapple, and any other flavor that came close to yellow-orange.  The best part was creating individual tags for each skein with a picture of something she liked that could be the colorway for the yarn, like Cheese Doodles for the overtly orange one in the top left-hand corner.

And then, I used one of my secret weapons: decoupage.  Using that, I was able to put colorful new covers on three mini-notebooks.
Paint Chip Notebooks
I took paint chips in every shade of yellow from Home Depot, making anyone working there probably horrified at the idea of my room of exploding sunshine.  Then I used the decoupage to apply them to the covers.  I like the simplicity of the stripes, but the slate gray circles were the most fun.

So there you have it!  I feel better now, proving that along with posts, I've been busy with knits and purls as well.


  1. Lucky swap partner, and what a cheery post! Love those mitts, they're so simple yet still pretty. That rose is awesome, too.

  2. I don't even like yellow and I would love to get this swap. Your spoilee is very lucky.