Monday, September 10, 2012

Froyo files: Berry Austin Central

It was a froyo-filled weekend.  Not only did we hit up Tutti Frutti in a return visit as part of our Friday evening errands (checking out Michael's for crafty goodies and then doing the grocery shopping for the weekend), but then we got to two previously un-reviewed purveyors of froyo.  Including the second of the two Berry Austin locations.  The first, you'll remember, I visited on Labor Day.

Berry Austin Central: 5523 Balcones Dr, Austin 78732 

When I visited: Saturday, September 8th, around 1 pm

Cost per ounce: 44 cents

Number of flavors: 10, minus 1 that didn't have anything in it at the time

Sorbet options: 2

Nutritionals provided: Yes, on the flavor cards by ounce

Experience: This is one of the places I've been to several times before I began blogging.  It has two main things going for it:

  1. It's a stone's throw from Gauge, a fabulous yarn store in North Austin.
  2. The yogurt is good, and they have Mom-approved options.
You have to ask for the sample cups here, which always makes me feel a little awkward.  But it is general idea of this genre of food retailer, so I'm getting better at asserting my 'rights' without guilt.  After all, the more I try, the more I end up really 'having' to have in my bowl, so it's in their best interest anyway.

In sampling all of the options, Mom had a conundrum this time around, because they have a really good Capitol Coffee flavor that she liked, but she also loved the Mango and Raspberry Pomegranate sorbets, as well as the Pineapple.  She didn't dare mix them, so she just went with the fruity ones.  I did the same, but included a little cameo appearance by Cake Batter, because it tasted too darn good in the sample cup to pass up.  It's one of those flavors that is usually good, but not always great.  This was the latter.

I love the decor here.  Like the Downtown location, the wall of frozen yogurt dispensers is plastered with porcelain and plastic.  But this location takes it even further, with collages of Austin awesomeness in the tables as well as little mini-wall separators that create more defined seating.  This is a place that knows how to be Austin weird, and backs it up by serving quality yogurt.

Worth a revisit? Every time you're at Gauge, it's worth stopping by.  In fact, it's kind of dangerous because it makes me want to go to Gauge even more and then I invariably end up adding to my stash as well.

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