Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Froyo files: Chill Out (San Antonio)

I owe Groupon a large debt of thanks for being the reason I first went to this particular purveyor of frozen yogurt.  I snapped up a deal as a good food stop during the Yarn Crawl last year, and since then this place has ranked high on my list of favorites.  Anything that brings my mom and I to San Antonio also brings us here, so after consoling ourselves with the loss of Yarn Barn by buying all of their yarn, I moved onto the next stage in grieving and had a big cup of froyo.

Chill Out: 4718 Broadway Street  San Antonio, TX 78209

When I visited: Sunday, July 29th, around 3 pm

Cost per ounce: 42 cents

Number of flavors: 10

Sorbet options: 2

Nutritionals provided: Online, and printed in-store

Experience: I love this place.  It's locally-owned, and the first time we ever came here the owner was telling us about how they had worked on the flavors for quite a while to get them right.  You can absolutely tell.  You can't really go wrong with anything you choose here. And I was pleased to see that we're not the only ones to think so, it was pretty busy.  So much so that I couldn't snap a pic without catching a few unsuspecting customers mid-swirl:
There's always at least one dairy-free option, and now there's also a sugar-free option available as well. My favorite is the Taro, which unfortunately wasn't on the menu this time around, but when it is, it's some of the best I've had.

Instead, I settled for the Pink Lemonade Sorbet, very summer appropriate, with some Strawberry Tart.  This was just as good as the stuff I had at The Yogurt Spot the other month that was such a revelation.  Fruit was, of course, a required accessory.  Mom had her personal favorite here, Dulce de Leche, and she also had some Cafe Ole, a coffee-flavored yogurt.  This is a pretty big deal, because Mom doesn't even like milk in her coffee, so for a dairy product to please her with a coffee flavor, it's got to be a pure flavor.
You'll notice she couldn't even wait for me to take a picture to start enjoying.  Also in the self-serve (and all delicious, because of course I sampled them all): Dutch Chocolate, Vanilla (no sugar added), Cake Batter, Tart, Banana, and Watermelon Sorbet.

Worth a revisit? I'm already looking forward to the next time I'm sure I'll be in the area, for the Crawl in October.

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