Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Froyo files: Tutti Frutti

I can't explain it, because it makes no sense, but last weekend was the first time I had been to this froyo place.  It's almost absurd, given how often I'm at Sunset Valley getting:

  • Craft supplies at Michael's
  • Knitting magazines at Barnes & Noble
  • Clearance clothes at Kohl's
  • Goodies at World Market
  • Nail polish at Ulta
  • Sandwiches at Schlotzsky's
See?  I'm there a lot.  But I finally checked out the froyo spot tucked into the corner, and I'm sure going to be checking it out a few more times from now on.

Tutti Frutti: 5207 Brodie Lane, Austin, TX 78745

When I visited: Saturday, August 25th, around 2 pm

Cost per ounce: 40 cents

Number of flavors: 12

Sorbet options: 1

Nutritionals provided: There's a binder at the register if you want to see them, online as well

Experience: You can tell it's froyo season, everywhere we've been the past few weekends has been, not to say busy, but adequately stocked with customers.  Again, sample cups at the register ensured that we could try everything out.  I will say this: the dispensers were a little over-zealous in getting froyo into my cup, and my samples were larger than I really needed or wanted.  But that's not really a negative.

Looks like they have a dedicated sorbet option, which is good, since that's Mom's go-to.  This time, however, it was Hawaiian Punch in rotation, which is one of the few that does not tempt her.  I tried it, and it was, well, it was Hawaiian Punch, so it depends entirely on your feelings about that.  I also tried their soy bean yogurt, and that was a little odd.  Not sure about that one.  Peanut Butter was another odd one, because it tasted more like actual peanuts than peanut butter, if that makes sense.  It was in the same machine as the Vanilla, and I found that the two swirled together was a little better.  The Cheesecake was also a little lackluster, not quite rich enough.

The nice thing about summer is that the seasonal flavors tend to be fruity.  So Mom ended up with a trio of flavors in her cup: Strawberry, Triple Berry, and Peach.  The Strawberry was different to the Tart version we love so much, but good in its own right.  And both the Peach and Triple Berry were very flavorful.  I also had a little of all three, along with my beloved Taro.

Worth a revisit?  Definitely, solid yogurt, reasonable price, and the location can't be beat.  I skimmed the nutritional binder, and that just made me want to try all the other flavors, so I'm sure we'll make sure to find ourselves here at a froyo appropriate time again soon.

Wait, is there an inappropriate time for froyo?  Hmm...

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