Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Knit and tell: Fabulous Street Urchin Hat

I thought I'd start up another little series here and show off some of the finished objects (FO) that I've accomplished in my years of knitting so far.  Especially because I so want to tell you about the things I'm doing now, but I can't because they are for a swap and there is the slim chance that my spoilee will read this and discern that I am their spoiler and ruin the surprise of their goodies to come.  So I shall divert my enthusiasm and tell you about other things I have crafted.

And my debut entry is...the Fabulous Street Urchin Hat!

This hat was an in-betweener project earlier this year that filled in a gap between swaps.  It's a super-simple pattern, and the perfect opportunity to put one of my crazy colorways to good use.  I'm always drawn to the bright and widely variegated yarns, but then have a tough time figuring out what to knit with them, because any interesting stitch work (not even real lacy stuff) will get lost.  But this lets the Dizzy Lettuce Cash Worsted show off just how awesome it is, and the colors keep me from getting bored while knitting.  After the rib you're just knitting around and around, with some YO, k2togs every once in a while to create holes.  Then when you've cast everything off, you take a ribbon and thread it through those holes, up and then back down again, scrunch the side of the hat and tie a pretty little bow around it.

And voila!  You are now ready to audition for a role as a child of the revolution in a whimsically technicolor performance of 'Les Miserables'.  Just hand me a bedazzled broom for sweeping the streets of Paris, and I'm there!

I haven't gotten to wear this too much yet, but once cooler weather prevails I'll be sporting my my scrunchie all around town.  I'll try not to break into song.  Well, not too many times.

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