Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Short stacks and long rows

Maybe it's a contradiction to follow up a good workout with some delicious Kerbey Lane Cafe pancakes.  But I don't think so.  I think it's a lot easier to push out those final reps and burn out my muscles when I can envision the deliciousness soon to come.  Or am I entasting the deliciousness to come?

Anyway, I successfully worked out many muscles today, including my finger muscles as I knit a few more rows of my cardigan.  I'm knitting the body on the second front panel, having overcome my first hurdle in 'reverse shaping' confusion.  I wonder if I can explain it without compounding the confusion:

In the first panel, after the ribbing, I worked and slipped the first five stitches for the front band, switched to larger needles, then purled across the wrong side row, while evenly decreasing.  Whew.  On the right side row immediately following, I increased one stitch at the beginning, which I then did every 1.5".

In the second panel, I worked and slipped the first five stitches for the front band, switched to larger needles, but not so fast!  I'm on the right side this time (which is good, because it means my front bands will actually match up).  I'm still doing the even decreases, that's simple, just so the same as the previous panel, but knits instead of purls.  Here's where I had a moment of 'Huh?': the directions say that for this panel, I will be increasing one stitch at the end of right side rows.  So, should that happen after I've done the decreasing row, or at the end of it?  Because on my first panel, the increasing starts immediately after the decreasing, but it seems weird to spend the whole row decreasing evenly only to increase by one at the very end.  But it seemed even weirder to have the increasing not begin until two rows later.  So I went ahead and just did the increase at the end of the even decreases.

Logic is hard.  Pancakes are yummy.

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  1. great. now all I can think about is pancakes....and waffles. I'm going to end up eating breakfast for dinner. :)