Friday, May 3, 2013

Froyo files: No time to say hello, goodbye

I can't make this an FO Friday post because my swap package hasn't been received, but to keep the alliteration flowing, let's go with froyo from last Friday.

There used to be three frozen yogurt places in Kyle, but by the time I made it to the one on the other side of the highway, Blizz was closed.  This time, I barely caught another frozen yogurt place before it stopped swirling.  But the good news this time is that Eat Ban Mi isn't closing completely, they just don't have frozen yogurt anymore.

Mom and I walked up South Congress from Hill Country Weavers' annual warehouse sale last Friday to try them out.  It was a little bit of a hike, considering the normal acceptable distance not requiring reparking in Texas is a few hundred yards, but in that area it's usually safer to just keep the car where it is if you can find a legal place to leave it.

Considering they were in their final days of frozen yogurt, it's not surprising that one of their machines was already out of service, and their fruit selection was almost non-existent.  They also had that pet peeve of mine, the hosted sampling.  I'm going to say it again: if the server/cashier has to pull the samples, why is it called self-serve, and why not just put the machines behind the counter to begin with and do what ice cream parlors do?  Then controlling sampling would be matter of fact.  Speaking of which, we're just a few steps from Amy's Ice Creams and Big Top Candy Shop, so that may be another reason why this frozen yogurt opportunity has been passed up by so many along SoCo.

I will say that what I did try was pretty good.  The Taro was not the best I've had, but the Blueberry was delicious, and the Lychee was very tasty.  I threw in a few lonely blackberries, like the last puppies in the shelter waiting to be adopted.  Because I had chatted with them on Twitter, I got a discount on my meager bowl, though the cashier had to ask about it.

As I said, there's no more froyo at Eat Ban Mi, but they do have sandwiches, spring rolls, vermicelli bowls, and pho.  None of which I tried, so I can't help anyone out there with a review.  Personally, there are too many other places between the yarn and there that I could eat instead, like the parking lot of food trailers just across the street.  But for those who live in the area it might be worth a try, especially since they have online ordering.

Farewell to another frozen yogurt option in Austin.  We hardly knew ye, but we'll comfort ourselves with those you've left behind.  And in this case, cold comfort is a good, creamy thing.

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