Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Looks like it's back to Norman!

I know I'm not the only 90s Nickelodeon baby out there who gets that 'Rugrats' reference.  When I'm feeling particularly nostalgic, I like to watch old episodes of that and any other show that Netflix Instant has streaming.  The other day I watched a few episodes of 'Daria' on Hulu and was reminded that she's still a total role model for my sarcastic and sometimes anti-social self.

Having sent off my last swap package for a little while on Monday, I've also been going back in time with my knitting, though not as far back as the 90s.  It's an international package, so I can't show off the FOs for a little while longer, but I can finally offer up my WIPs, though you've seen them both before.

I have returned to my first cardigan, and it was kind of a relief.  I know that when it comes to the final steps of getting all of the pieces put together it's going to be tough, but right now it's just ribbing and now stockinette.  I had already completed the back panel, but now the left front is well on its way:

After working on a lace pattern with a shipping deadline, it's nice to just do something mindless at my own rate of speed and that's going to be all mine.

I also added a few rows to the camisole I showed you in my color post last week, and made a terrible discovery: holes!  Thankfully, my mother is a rock star and was able to patch it up, so it wasn't a total disaster, just very annoying and a growing concern.  This isn't the first time something has eaten my knitwear, so I'm launching an assault on all yarn-eating things.  The plan involves plastic tubs, Ziploc bags, alternating stints in the freezer and the back of my car in the hundred-degree summer days, and sachets of potpourri with lavender, cedar, rosemary.  This is for knitted items as well as yarn and fiber stash.  If you have any advice for me, I'll gladly take it.

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  1. Love the color. What type of yarn do you use for your cardigans? I crochet, not knit, so have never tried to tackle making clothing.

    I watched the rugrats with my kids when they were little. Very cute show.

    1. Thanks, this is Berroco Lustre, and the pattern comes from Berroco as well. I figured for my first try I'd stick with the recommended yarn.