Saturday, May 18, 2013

Inspiration Saturday: Prima ballerina

There's something about a ballerina, isn't there?  It's such an iconic role that almost everyone thinks about when they're a kid but relatively no one actually becomes.  And even though I've long since past ever wanting to actually be one, I still find them interesting.  Certainly interesting enough to have just finished watching 'Ballerina' on Netflix Instant and now want to look at some ballerina-inspired knits.

Ballerina Wrap Jacket by Mari Lynn Patrick
Photo credit: Vogue Kniting, Fall 2009
I think this looks interesting, with the way that it's wrapped and the peplum skirt.  I love something that will spin around a little.

Margaret Dashwood Shawl by Joanna Johnson
Photo credit: Jane Austen Knits Summer 2012
This pattern wasn't written to be ballerina-inspired, but there's something about a wrap that seems meant to be worn over a tutu after a performance, with a full face of make-up.  And hey, why haven't any Jane Austen stories become ballets?  I wonder which heroine would be best on pointe?

Lacy Legwarmers by Vanessa Ewing
Photo credit: Vanessa Ewing
Another obvious piece of ballet knitwear would be legwarmers.  These are on the delicate, lacy side, very pretty.

Thigh High Leg Warmers by Tanis Gray
Photo credit: Vogue Knitting Knit.1 Fall 2006
These, on the other hand (calf?) are on the chunky, cozy side.  Which I also like.

Tutu by Monika Sirna
Photo credit: Monika Sirna
Am I too old to absolutely covet this skirt?  I want a pink tutu out of cloud-like lace yarn.

The closest I'm going to get to being a ballerina is singing along with my 'Center Stage' soundtrack.  Hmm, that's not a bad plan for this afternoon...

For more inspiration, go to Woolen Diversions.  She has pretty pictures of flowers this week!


  1. Ohmygoodness that tutu! Ah! Too cute! I'm also digging that jacket.

  2. You left out bun covers! Those can be very pretty lacy quick knits. I love ballet outfits too, the pink tutu is adorable.