Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday: The big move

Because e-mail, meetings, and oh yeah, actual work aren't enough, this week my office time is also being spent on getting ready to move.  Unplugging and wrapping up wires, stuffing and labeling boxes, and just generally removing any trace of my personality from this gray little cube so that I can put my temporary stamp on another space tomorrow.  It's giving me flashbacks to taking all of my pictures off of my wall in my dorm room for the last time.  What became your space suddenly returns to being an empty shell.

Where are we moving to?  Oh, a very exotic location.  All the way...across the hall.  Do you think they still speak English over there?  Should I take a vitamin D supplement to help with jet lag?  Ah, there's nothing like sarcasm to get you through a busy week.  Anyway, this dazzling new locale will have fresh new carpeting, but mostly I'm looking forward to staking out space the fridge and blazing a scenic trail to the coffee machine.

I can hope that the new cubicle won't be as cold as the one I'm leaving behind, but I doubt it, so I still need to make progress on my cardigan.  Thanks to the three day weekend, and car pooling with my dad into work, I've made it to the armhole shaping on the second front panel.  Then it will be onto the sleeves.  It's hard to imagine these pieces all coming together and creating a garment, but I have faith that each stitch brings me closer.  Hopefully I'll get it done before I have to move to another new cubicle.

Until then, however, it's not looking much more interesting than the last time you saw it, so I won't bother with a photo.  And I have Brussels sprouts roasting in the oven for dinner tonight instead of gingerbread pancakes, so I can't add culinary interest there.  The sprouts are going to be really tasty, though.

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  1. Your moving story made me laugh. Hope your new cubicle proves to be warmer.