Thursday, May 9, 2013

Froyo files: Fresh Cup

As if running a 5K wasn't exciting enough last Saturday, I also then helped my mom trim some tree branches that were scraping along the roof (by climbing onto the roof!), and finally we had a merry jaunt up the interstate to go shopping.

I've pretty much exhausted my immediate area for new frozen yogurt options, but there are places I still have yet to try just a little further away.  I won't venture up north just for frozen yogurt, but if I'm going up there anyway for a shopping expedition, I'll gladly take the opportunity to find a new favorite.  And I'll always snap up a Groupon when I see it if I think that we'll be passing by anyway before the deal expires.  I had just such a Groupon last weekend, so we took a detour on our way to the Round Rock outlet to reward myself for my 5 long Ks in the morning.

Fresh Cup: 13000 N. IH 35, Building 11, #116, Austin, TX 78753

When I visited: Saturday, May 4th, around noon

Cost per ounce: 41 cents (I think, I forgot to write this down; the Groupon states 39 but I'm fairly sure it was in the 40s)

Number of flavors: 12 (but 3 were out of order)

Sorbet options: 1

Experience: At this point, I can recognize the 'look' of a frozen yogurt place, and this one has all of the common attributes, the colorful chairs and sofas, mosaic tiles along the wall with the froyo machines.  And sample cups behind the register, just ask the cashier.  Because what matters is the yogurt.

I was sad that three of the machines weren't currently running, but still ready to try the remaining options.  Especially because I spotted a flavor that I've seen several times online in lists of all possible flavors a place might have, but have never gotten to try before: Green Apple Tart.  And that did not disappoint, it was really yummy.  I put that in my bowl, along with some Salted Caramel Popcorn.  Mostly because it made a caramel apple combination, because while this was a good flavor, I still prefer a straight Dulce de Leche to the salted popcorn twist.

The sole sorbet, Mango, was kind of disappointing, and the Strawberry yogurt was just okay.  But their regular Tart was very good, as was White Chocolate Mousse.  The other flavors were basic and fine: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cake Batter.  Not bad, just not exciting.

Blueberry popping boba was kind of exciting, though, so I added those to my bowl when I got to the toppings bar.  Mom also tried them, her first boba experience to go with the Green Apple Tart and plain Tart she chose.

Here's another small detail that I liked: the height of the toppings bar and the accompanying sneeze guard.  Unlike some other places, Mom and I were able to reach to the back-most fruit and scoop without straining or pressing against the glass.  When you've been to as many froyo places as we have, you start to notice these things.

Worth a revisit? Again, not being in the area too often, I haven't yet determined if this is 'the one' I want to stop by when I am around.  But this was certainly a solid entry in my book, with good topping selection, if not stellar flavors.  If you're in the neighborhood, it's worth trying.

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