Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Still secret, still safe

Crafting for swaps and blogging about said crafting is a little tricky.  I am bursting with braggy pride and a desire to plaster pictures everywhere, but I must maintain secrecy for the sake of my spoilee and thus create a facade of humbleness.

Or I can split the difference and brag with no identifying details.

I've been WIP-ing through my first knitted item for the Joss Whedon swap all week, and it's looking really cute.  It relates to one of Joss' lesser-loved shows, 'Dollhouse'.  While not a perfect piece of television (like, say, 'Firefly'), it's the only show so far that I was smart enough to watch while it was on the air, and it bears some quality Joss trademarks.  There is biting wit and hilarious dialogue between characters who have deep emotional connections, with a little moral ambiguity thrown in for good measure.

This particular knitted item is based on one character, but I won't say who.  Another hint: it's also turning out as a sort of proof of concept for some other techniques, which is even better.  It's giving me confidence and showing me how far I've progressed as a knitter.  Because no one imprinted me with amazing crafting skills, I had to earn them one stitch at a time.

With that nearly ready to cast off, I'm considering making something else for this swap.  I completely finished what I was working on for the 'Gilmore Girls' swap, I just can't show you until I send it, maybe next weekend.  The ends are woven in and everything.  So of I finish this by Friday, I've decided that I'm going to have to do it.  After all, the alternative is knitting for my own self, and that just seems wrong somehow.  I'm already scoping out patterns and some stash yarn.

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  1. Wow, you see knitting for two of my favorite tv shows. Can't wait to see what these projects actually are!