Saturday, March 9, 2013

Inspiration Saturday: Bringing sexy back

Ravelry is a repository for thousands upon thousands of patterns, I'm sometimes a little worried about all of the great ones I haven't found simply because there are so many out there.  But then I remember that I don't even have time to finish the ones I've found, faved, and queued, and I feel a little better about the as-yet undiscovered.  Besides, I know that I'm bound to stumble on most of them sometime.  Like this week, I added about seven new patterns from a single designer to my favorites, and had one to my library, thanks to her awesome giveaway.

Sarah Wilson is The Sexy Knitter, and from now until March 16th, you can get one of her patterns for free.  Just go through this list of patterns and choose five to add to your favorites or queue, depending on how you organize things.  Then PM Sarah with the names of those patterns, and she'll send you one to get you started.

Of course, you aren't limited to only adding five to your faves.  Which is good, because I couldn't narrow it down.  I love how Sarah mixes textures to create special pieces that are still wearable for everyday.  These are the ones I've added to my growing list of projects I'm hoping I'll live long enough to cast on:
Photo credit: Sara McDonald
A different spin on cables, I like the texture of this little topper.

Photo credit: Woolgirl
I love a little bit of ruffle, especially with a few swirls.

Photo credit: Sara McDonald
Eyelets and button stitches make 'bubbles' in this shawl that was inspired by a delicious-sounding drink at her local diner:
With plenty of fresh limes, the refreshing fizz of club soda, and practically any fruit flavor you want to add (my favorite is strawberry), it’s topped off with a scoop of lime sherbet, making it difficult to resist buying anything but the largest size.
Photo credit:
I just think this is so cute.  It reminds me of the long-tailed stocking cap that Katharine Hepburn wore in the library scene of 'The Philadelphia Story', which is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Photo credit:
I think this would be great for wearing to work, since it can be worn gathered up close to the neck or pulled over the shoulders.
Photo credit: Emily Brewer
The cabled center spine is a really nice touch, and adds to the flow of the lacy shawl without being too bulky.
Photo credit: wondrlanding
Well, there was no denying the name, was there?  I love red velvet.  So it makes sense that this was the one I happened to be gifted by the designer.  The faux cabling makes it reversible, so it will be easy to wear wrapped up or open.  I love this look with the belt, check out the bilingual Wondrlanding blog this pic comes from, she's made some really pretty things.  I'm envisioning myself one day wearing this in a deep red velvet color, with a long sleeved tee underneath.

Along with my freebie, I now have a code to get a discount on her other patterns throughout the month, so maybe I'll grab some of the others on my list.  To get more info for yourself, check out the giveaway post, and her Ravelry group.

And for more inspiration, read Alicia's post for the week.

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  1. Such a generous giveaway! I love that vest, I bet it would be really wearable.