Monday, March 11, 2013

Froyo files: Yogurt Planet (Hill Country Galleria)

What's this, an Austin yogurt place I haven't reviewed yet?  Believe it or not, they are out there.  This one just happens to be one I had been to before I started this blog.  I used to work in the Galleria, and Yogurt Planet was a delicious treat after a long day of retailing.  This was the first place out of the current froyo trend that I tried and fell in love with.  Since then my connoisseurship has evolved, but this is still a great place to find frozen yogurt without venturing from the hill country closer into the city.

Yogurt Planet: Hill Country Galleria 12801 Hill Country Blvd, Bee Cave, TX 78738

When I visited: Saturday, February 23rd, just after 9 pm

Cost per ounce: 39 cents

Number of flavors: 14

Sorbet options: 1

Experience: This is one of the busier places I've been to over my froyo career.  Yogurt Planet benefits a lot from being in this shopping area, and in particular less than a block's walk from the movie theater.  So instead of walking into an empty store, there was a line at the cash register and many of the tables were filled with yogurt eaters.  Thankfully, there's a small plate set out with sample cups already set out next to the toppings bar, so we were still able to start tasting.

And because of my blogging diligence, I tasted everything.  Overall, the flavors are slightly above average, I would say.  This was my first ever taste of Taro, which I love, so that's obviously good as far as I'm concerned.  Their Caffe Latte was also a standout, with a stronger coffee flavor than some I've tried.  I also liked Root Beer Float and Cheesecake.  Three of these four made it into my bowl with some fruit (Root Beer Float didn't seem to 'go' with Caffe Latte, so it lost out).

Less memorable were Pistachio, Cookies and Cream, Cake Batter, Chocolate, and Vanilla.  Nothing wrong with them, and maybe if they were my favorite flavors I would love these versions more.  There was also a no sugar added Chocolate, which I appreciated them having.  White Chocolate Mousse to me was just kind of a filler flavor, nothing special.  I've yet to have an impressive white chocolate frozen yogurt.

On the fruity side, their Strawberry was just okay, and their lone sorbet was Kiwi Strawberry, again, just okay.  Not strong enough in their fruity flavor for me.  The Tart was fine, if the sorbet had been better I might have been in the mood for some Tart with it.

Worth a revisit?  Yes, this is the best option for miles around.


  1. I had a white chocolate raspberry at the Orange Leaf near me that was pretty darn tasty.

  2. This store seems quite interesting to visit. They offer plain healthy and enticing flavors and toppings. It’s good to hear that you enjoyed their yogurt. Have you made your own froyo at home? You should try it sometime.
    -Fresh & Healthy