Saturday, March 16, 2013

Inspiration Saturday: Enchanted (by the) Rock

Today I did something which I have apparently done countless times, but only really remember doing once or twice.  Childhood is strange like that, you have a handful of vivid memories for countless experiences that fade into the background.  So it's nice to go back and try them again.  In this case, I went for a walk/hike at Enchanted Rock.

Photo credit: Texas Parks & Wildlife

About an hour and a half's drive, Enchanted Rock is a state natural area not far from Fredericksburg.  What 'natural area' means as opposed to park I'm not at all sure.  But what it is is essentially a big dome of pink granite.  There is an interesting geological story I could go into, but I wouldn't really know how to tell it.  I just walked up and around it.

They also have camping, picnicking, and rock climbing, the last of which I'd like to do sometime.  It's different on the granite because it has such great grip, you aren't so much searching for hand holds and pulling yourself up as you are walking up at just the right angle like Spiderman.  It's another one of those things I've done at least once many years back and would like to try again since losing weight.

Why is this inspiring?  Well, there's the fitness inspiration, how nice it is to get out and climb something and feel your legs.  I love a lost weekend on the sofa watching movies and knitting, but I also like getting out and doing something.  And feeling like I earned those shrimp fajitas I had for dinner.

Then there's the natural beauty part of it.  I'm always seeing granite as that 'must have' item on episodes of 'House Hunters', and pink granite was used to construct the Texas Capitol building.  And then you go out here and there it is, just a huge mound of it, unpolished but still rosy with flecks of black and white, with the occasional sparkle.  It's almost strange to step on it.

And then you climb to the top and you're about 400 feet up, looking out on the hill country.  Can't beat that.

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  1. I love a good hike! It looks like a gorgeous place.

  2. Feels good to be back on track with all the tinking going on. Better not talk it up too much, don't want to jinx myself!! ;)
    Thanks for the read and the comment!

  3. That sounds wonderful - I'd love to have somewhere like that to get outdoors (I'm usually more a "lost weekend" person myself!)