Saturday, March 23, 2013

Inspiration Saturday: You know you're a lit nerd when... practically squeal out loud as you scan a list of upcoming movie releases and discover that the 18th-century Gothic novel 'The Monk' has been adapted.  Because I'm assuming that's not a reaction that most people had.

Some of you might recognize the book just from the references made to it in Jane Austen's 'Northanger Abbey'.  Matthew Gregory Lewis' novel about a holier-than-thou monk's fall from grace was one of more than a dozen on the syllabus for possibly my favorite class at Sarah Lawrence: The 18th-Century British Novel in Context.  We read it over the break between fall and spring semester, and my mother can attest to just how 'involved' I became while reading it.  The sheer villainy that this monk stoops to, it's deliciously evil.  I found it difficult to analyze the novel in class because I experienced it more like a reader just in awe of what was happening in the story. I felt just like Catherine, eyes wide as I carefully but quickly turned each page.

So there being a new French film adaptation of the book strikes all of the right chords with me.  Unfortunately, it's a 'limited' release over here in the US, even two years after coming out in Europe, and so far no showings have popped up in the Austin area.  I did write an Examiner article about it, though.

Also, I'd just like to shout-out to a fellow blogger, Faith over at Faithfully Geeky, particularly for her recent FO post.  Her sweater, along with this movie, are making me even more nostalgic than usual for my college days.  It's been several years now, I'm pretty sure my missing them isn't going to go away.  I'm really tempted to e-mail my professor about the movie, maybe they'll have better luck finding showtimes nearer New York City.  Then I can at least live vicariously through another class of lucky lit nerds.

Alicia at Woolen Diversions has taken the weekend off, but she's left a really cute kitty photo for you!

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