Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Froyo files: Kühl Yogurt (Fredericksburg)

When I was younger, I didn't really want to go for walks just for the sake of it.  There needed to be a reason, or failing that, a bribe of some sort.  Last weekend, I was looking forward to the hike up Enchanted Rock just for the walk itself.  But that doesn't mean that I didn't take the opportunity to stop by another frozen yogurt place!

Kühl Yogurt: 301 East Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX

When I visited: Saturday, March 16th, around 4 pm

Cost per ounce: 45 cents

Number of flavors: 12

Sorbet options: 2

Experience: Fredericksburg is a cute little town, but my oh my, does it get overrun with tourists on a pleasant Saturday afternoon.  And we weren't the only ones who thought that frozen yogurt sounded good.  Space in Kühl (love that name, by the way) is a little tight, with the froyo in a smaller room to the left and the cashier to the right.  

Navigating the other patrons can get interesting, but they've made efficient use of their space for the most part, splitting the yogurt machines with a bar of toppings in the center of the wall that has fruit, nuts, etc.  And then, another wall has even more toppings, including some really fun and unusual ones, like strawberry marshmallows and other fruity gummies.  The tower of toppings at Sweet CeCe's in San Antonio was impressive, but this was certainly the widest variety of toppings I've seen so far, including fruit.  I do have to deduct some points, however, for the fact that the fruit was frozen, and not completely thawed.  It makes sense that they would have peaches, being in Fredericksburg, but having them not be fresh kind of negates it.

Anyway, back to the yogurt.  As with the frozen fruit, the yogurt was a good effort that didn't quite earn full marks.  They had a Reese's flavor that tasted more of chocolate than peanut butter, but was a good chocolate for what that's worth.  Sweet Coconut was also pretty tasty, as was Cake Batter.  Cheesecake was pretty bland, though.  It lacked either the richness or the slight tang of the original dessert.  Toasted Marshmallow was also kind of disappointing, I was looking for more of a burnt sugar taste.

I did like their fruity offerings, though.  Wild Berry Tart was tasty, and they had two sorbets, Mango Tango and Kiwi Strawberry.  Those were the three that ended up in my cup, along with some of that wide selection of toppings, including a banana gummy.

Because the gummy versions are still a good source of potassium, right?
Worth a revisit? If you're already venturing into the depths of downtown Fredericksburg and can find a parking space, it's worth stopping in and choosing from the wall of toppings.  If you're just passing through, stopping at Skinny Dip is easier.

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