Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIP Wednesday: The smell of pink and the touch of black

I wanted to paint my nails because the past few times I've been in yoga, my centered, spiritual thoughts have been interrupted when I looked at my toes and thought how nice it would be to have happy, colorful toes to look at during my sun salutations.  And so, I currently have, applied, dried, and shining on the tips of my fingers and toes, scented nail polish.  It's a very light pink that could pass as the neutral main color in a French manicure, and it supposedly smells like cotton candy.  Except that I just chopped some celery for my lunch tomorrow, so it smells like someone put creme brûlée in a celery stick.  Like the fanciest ants on a log ever.  What will they come up with next?

My fingers are very pampered, actually, between the polish on my nails and the soft squooshiness of the yarn I'm working with.  My Mini Fox Stole My Heart is hibernating, shall we say.  It's one leg, two ears and some brain stuffing away from completion, but I'm setting it aside for a little while because I cast on something else last week that was more suitable for mindless social knitting and I'm on a roll with it.

It's another tiny owl knits pattern, bo peep scarf.  Because I'm knitting it in black, I'm calling it Bow Peep's Black Sheep:

The yarn is Cascade Indulgence, an alpaca/angora blend, and my goodness, it feels so good.  It's like knitting a cloud.  The pattern calls for a fingering weight yarn held with a mohair lace, but this being worsted has about the same weight and the fiber still has that mohair halo without any itchiness.  It doesn't take the best pictures, as you can see, but I think a black bow will be cute and chic.  It's another project that's going in the pile of handmades for my longer-term swap, but I also have some pink yarn, unfortunately not Indulgence, to make one for myself later.

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