Monday, May 12, 2014

5KCBWDAY1: Wobegon knits

A Day In The Life. Describe a day in the life of a project that you have made, or are in the process of making.

The rumors had been swirling like colors in a dye pot for days.  The TARDIS mitts had reported from the office, but could only discern clues from Joanna's typing.  As usual, it was the WIPs that had the most information, overhearing Joanna as she knit and chatted with her mother.  Mini Fox was at a disadvantage, being cooped up in her project bag for the past week, and as yet not having been given ears.  But she had been sitting on the sofa by Joanna's side, and so was able to confirm Bow Peep's excited account.

"She's going to take the bus," Bow Peep paused for effect.  The other knits were sufficiently awed, as few of them had ever been worn on a bus.  It was only the more senior FOs who could boast of the grand old days of public transportation when they were worn to keep out the cold on the Prague trams or New York City subway.  Most of them had, from the time they were first bought as skeins of yarn, travelled only by car.  Except, of course, the swap items.  They never let pass an opportunity to regale the group of their harrowing journeys at the hands of the US postal service.

"Where is she going?"  Union Jack piped in from high up on the shelf.

"BookPeople," Bow Peep answered.  "She's going to see..." her stitches spread across the cable of her circular needles as she strained to remember.  "She's going to see..."

"Garrison Keillor," Mini Fox intervened.

"Yes.  Garrison Keillor."  Bow Peep didn't like to be upstaged.  She was quite taken with the spotlight that came with being the current WIP, having Joanna gush about the softness of her angora/alpaca blend and then gushing to the FOs about Joanna's gushing.  But she and Mini Fox were friends, so she wasn't too annoyed.  And anyway, she knew that whatever exciting adventure was to come, she would likely be brought along, so she could let her have this little moment.  "She's going to see Garrison Keillor and have him sign something."

"A book, presumably." Amigurumi Joss Whedon was in a sarcastic mood.  No one paid any mind.

"So it's inside the store?" Knitter in the Rye asked.  "That means she's going to have to wear something knit.  She's always cold indoors anyway, and she'll want to wear something pretty.  Something like a lacy shawl made from yarn by one of her favorite indie dyers..."

"What makes you so sure she'll take you?"  Fruit Loopy confronted Rye.  "Maybe she'll want something more colorful, to catch Garrison's eye.  People always comment about my colors."

"Ladies, ladies.  Shawls are all well and good, but a cabled cardigan, now that is impressive."  Blackberry rolled her collar impressively.  But she was no longer the only handknit cardigan in the bunch.

"Oh yes, cables are impressive," Lexe-ME began innocently.  "But beads are so subtly striking, don't you think?  And you could hardly blame her for wanting to wear something she knit herself rather than something her mother made for her."  She knew Joanna was still quite proud of her first cardigan, despite the fact that her sleeves owed quite a bit to the mother's sewing.

This contentious discussion continued for some time.  The swap items were indignant at the implication that just because they had been knit by someone else did not make them any less likely candidates to see this Garrison Keillor, while the berets insisted that it would not be cliche for Joanna to wear them to a reading by an NPR personality, despite quips from Joss about a critical mass of hipsterness.  Easter Impulse thought a cowl would be the best compromise between showing off Joanna's crafting while not looking like she was trying too hard.  But in that case, Sea Cowl was sure that, having been not only knit but spun by Joanna, she should have the edge in the cowl category.

Secure in her role as the way Joanna would spend her time before the reading and perhaps in the signing line, Bow Peep eventually intervened before anyone started felting.  "Now, now, there's no way to know what she's going to wear.  And it isn't as though we can actually do anything about it."  She looked to Vincent's Brushstrokes for confirmation that indeed, no one had any sort of fiber-fluence over Joanna.  Purple Prague, one of the oldest and wisest among them, confirmed Bow Peep's assumption.

"She's right.  We cannot control what Joanna wears.  She could wear Sochi Socki on her hands as mittens for all we know," the knits all chuckled.  "The needlepoint is, someone's going to get to keep her warm and proclaim her to be a knitter.  And whoever it is, it's their responsibility to tell us all about it when they get home."

This was a truth which twisted no ones stitches.

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