Saturday, May 31, 2014

Inspiration Saturday: Puttering decluttering

Is it technically summer yet?  It's nice and warm like summer.  And last Thursday was my five-year anniversary of graduating college (yes, I marked it in my calendar), so that signifies something.  The schools are almost out.  It used to be that Texas seemed to be on a schedule of its own, starting summer early, mid- or late May, and then returning to school early, mid- to late August.  From Kindergarten through high school, I don't think I ever had a true Memorial Day long weekend, because summer had already started.

Anyway, all of this is to say that my current flurry of organizing probably cannot be technically attributed to spring cleaning.  But no matter the season, it does feel good to make incremental progress towards the perpetual human goal of overcoming chaos.  So I just wanted to share a few of the organizational thoughts I've had:

  • When you're trying to catalogue your book collection, having the GoodReads app scan barcodes is a miracle.  No longer will I stand in the aisles of Half Price Books trying to remember if I already have that book!
  • I will probably never actually cut up all of the magazines I've collected and turn them into a massive collage.  So the issues of Vogue that I have in triplicate can be perused one last time for any particularly gorgeous photo spreads that I want to keep, and then taken to Half Price Books for the nickel that they'll probably give me for them.
  • I would love to take my winter clothes out of my wardrobe for the summer and store them to create more closet space, but because every indoor area is air conditioned to my personal freezing levels, I can't.  I just might need that sweater at work.  Even in July.
  • Sometimes, it's not about finding a permanent place for everything in a pile of junk.  Sometimes, you just need to disassemble the pile, get rid of a few things, find places for some things, and then move what remains into a slightly smaller pile somewhere else.
Are you doing any unseasonal spring cleaning?  What are your piles mostly made up of?  Books?  Clothes?  Future craft projects?  For more inspiration, go to Woolen Diversions.

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  1. I like the 'make a slightly smaller pile somewhere else' method of cleaning. :)