Monday, July 1, 2013

A weekend of Tuesdays, followed by another Manic Monday

Over the course of the first weekend of Tour de Fleece, a added more than 3,000 yards of yarn to my stash.  Obviously, these were not hard-earned yards of handspun.  No, no, these were cheaply-won yards of commercial yarn.

Emphasis on the cheap part, because I found these additions to my stash at Tuesday Morning.  This has happened to me before.  Every once in a while we pop into the store to see what they have in stock, and this time they had balls of Ella Rae Classic Superwash and other basic yarns in sweater quantities.  Apparently I needed some blue yarn:

I know I haven't quite finished my first cardigan yet, but I've got another one or two planned now.  My mom also added to her stash, but she stuck to mostly purples.

Speaking of purples, I did make progress on my own yarn.  I've almost finished a third cop, and the pile of fluff that is unspun fiber is starting to dwindle down.

I have semi-decided to go ahead and make the leap to try chain plying (also known at n-plying or Navajo plying).  But there's still another single cop to go until then.

Maybe I can start plying in time for the Wimbledon gentlemen's final.  Who knows who will be playing for, much less win, the Championships this year.  So far the tournament has been a little insane.  Slipping and sliding everywhere, and upsets galore.  It's always exciting to see players make it farther than anyone expected, and as long as none of the upsets include Murray, I'm okay with them.  Can you imagine the uproarious and totally unrestrained celebrations that would be sparked by that?  Pimm's for everyone! On this side of the Atlantic, though, I'm just going to enjoy some strawberries and cream.  It's going to be a little early in the morning for Pimm's after all.  And I always spin sober.

(Just a little humor to get through Monday...)

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