Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Now I only rest ironically

This week brought the first day of rest in the Tour de Fleece on Monday.  It didn't really feel too restful, though as I was striding in place on my elliptical.  It's not the same as actually running on the road, but I'm not willing at this point to wake up early to get my miles in and then make myself presentable for work, so instead I come home after work and take advantage of having air conditioning and an elliptical.

To pass the time while I trained, I caught up on some of the wonderful photos people have been posting the Tour de Fleece Ravelry group.  It really is inspiring to see so many yarns being creating from little bits of colorful fluff.

My own bits of fluff are coming together, I've started on the fourth and hopefully final cop.  And while spinning is a little more difficult to travel with than knitting, I have exposed my co-workers to the wonders of the spindle in the coffee klatch for the second week now.  I think it appeals to some of them, with their engineering brains, seeing the mechanics of the spindle spinning, and imparting the twist up the fiber in a controlled way.  Either that or they were just hypnotized by the twirling squirrels that are etched into my spindle.  It could be that.

I even managed to spin while sitting at a booth at Kerbey Lane Cafe.  And you know what that means: another WIP Wednesday pancake pic:

I was very close to ordering a Tomato Pie, because it's a very seasonal, very popular menu item.  But what can I say?  I like their pancakes.

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  1. Pancake or Tomato Pie--tough call:)

    I'm very impressed that you can deal with pancakes and spinning at the same time.