Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Training for runs and rows

My upcoming marathon is not the only big sporting event to look forward to, there's also this little gathering of athletes happening in Sochi.  And like it's warm season counterpart, there will once again be a corresponding event for crafters who will be watching the Games and challenging themselves in their own way between torch lighting and torch extinguishing.

Some people will be knitting entire sweaters in this relatively short timespan.  I'm not that bold, but I am going to be attempting something totally new and exciting for me: socks!

Technically these aren't a work in progress because I can't officially cast on until the opening ceremonies, but as these are my first pair of socks ever, I wanted to make sure to do them right.  I would hate to put all of that effort into turning a heel only to find that I've ended up with socks that are so tight I can't put them on or so loose that they end up in a puddle around my ankles.  And so, I have swatched:

Look, a thumb cosy!  No, just the first of three swatches I knit before reaching the gauge specified in the pattern.  I'm calling the project Sochi Socki and using a pattern from the wonderful Alicia from Woolen Diversions.  My Hot Cocoa Cowl was a test knit for her and I really like her thorough pattern writing, so I feel like I'm in good hands.  Or should that be feet?  And the yarn is Heavenly Fiber, a dyer I love both for her yarn and herself.  This yarn was always destined to be socks.  I'm so excited to hopefully get these done and be able to wear them the next time I see her at the same fiber festival where I bought the yarn last year.

Until I can actually cast on the socks, I still have my standby WIP that was almost an FO and then became decidedly a WIP again, the Fruit Loopy Shawl.  Here it is last Friday, during what is becoming a weekly frozen yogurt and knitting fest at Chill Out:

Still a bit of a ways to go, but it's pretty mindless knitting.  I'll probably bring it to a meeting tomorrow and hopefully get another 'wedge' of short rows done.

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